the best of times

the best of times

a lifetime of schmoozing n’ boozing

FROM PARIS TO LONDON – my many moments of madness

Published December 2020

From a safe to the extreme central suburb in Copenhagen landing in London via Paris, Saabye have had many moments of fabulous folly, the best of times, a life time of schmoozing n’ boozing. 

This book is not a tell all, it’s a tittle-tattle of often late nights escapades between himself, the sort of responsable grown up and his alter-ego, the young childish, thick wannabe pop star Stian bySaabye, them both telling real stories from a life bang in the middle of the action in Paris and London. Sure lot of celebs in there, from nobiz to showbiz and visa-versa, but never name dropping, only gossip from the best of times. 

It’s a thankless task to be extrovert to the extreme

Saabye Novermber 2020


While I was sitting there, top floor, smallest studio, Paris, the 90’s, he was down there at the Bain Douches, Studio 54 of Paris, just knocking down G&T’s while I was writing the songs for him. Stain doesn’t know there is something called ‘a day’, you know, where the sun is out, and you can actually see things, he is nothing but night, and the louder the music the better, good for him, he’s tons more impressive when silent, the perfect pre first world way hollywood moviestar – silent movies…

Stian bySaabye:

Saabye is a real cunt, he goes round clever doo-bi-doo – thinks he’s my puppet master, but you know what? he’s a real bore, think he knows better than better. without me, what would he be? some sad songwriter calling himself the Perfect Man and putting out 7 singles in 7 years, never thinking that they are good enough and where the whole idea of releasing things is to get attention of girls. I’m much more clear in me head about it, damn right, I sing to get laid, simple as that… what’s more to it. My personal record, fucking proud I am, is singing 2 syllables only and she was right on to me, whooop, in the bag. Sometimes i’m into my third or fourth song before

the action starts, but that’s only when there some competition there, know what i mean?

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