Hi, I’m Saabye

Hi, I’m Saabye

and a professional Songwriter from Scandinavia, but have spend most of my working life between Scandinavia and London within the Music Industry.  

I have started up a SongWriting for Industry Professionals House so to speak where I write top 50 style hopefull Singles, either as sole writer or together with established artists that either looks for a possible breakthrough type of Song, next Single or what I call a Comeback Hit, a follow up Single to a previous Hit from the past.


I realised that it’s something that I for some reason is good at, spotting what an artist was up to at a particulary time. Often much investment has been put into a comeback artist, and both teh artist and label is looking for second (or be third, fourth… ) follow up Single.   

I hold September 2020 around 100, attempts to be, 2020 style Singles in my Song bank, Songs that I have left  un-published up to now, all composed during the last couple of years. The style is very 2020 always, however I do retro as well, and are all my take at reflecting whats happing out there at the moment, based on classic virtues of Songwriting. 

I’m also author of 282 page ( english) book, the Art of Songwriting in the Streaming Age, where I tell about how I go about writing Songs in what i call ‘One Hour Sessions’ where I either alone or with an artist sits down and within a rough 60 minutes focused effort composes ideas for what is to become a Song, often two actually, kind of an A/B side, though they tend to be able to end both ways round.

Obviously then there is additional work to fine tune, getting lyrics right, some arrangements and initial  production that I also can handle (or somebody could be drafted in), before going for master, but the technique has actually proofed to be working very well. 

I have created a summer 2020 showcase lyric video with snippets of around 12 Songs written during this summer in various contemporary styles, not masters naturally, but adv. demoes. I usually writes 2 new tracks weekly that enters my sound bank. 

I have realied that this is all good,. but obviously feels that time is right to partner up with a professional entity, both for the rights management, both very much to get great sparring and support for partners, in regard to collaborations, but also sync, monetization and so on.

the showreel is short, couple of minutes and showcases 12 Songs, as mentioned all written during the summer 2020. 

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