ArtPop Galore bySaabye

New Song Every Monday Every Week

ArtPop Galore bySaabye sets the stage for a weekly, play by the ear, release of a brand new 2020 styled original song with video.

ArtPop Galore 13/52 - More Than Ever We Need Christmas

Released Monday 23rd November/1st of December(official) 2020

We all know by now that virus will still by with us this X-mas, and that as a result many will be separated from loved ones for the first time in generations. This brand new X-mas song by Stian bySaabye is about that although we might well accept it's presence this year, we fight back and will be happy to enjoy Christmas next year having seen the back of it.

In the video Stian have a go at being a crooner and that with hairdryer naturally, Nisse gets the virus, the virus is evil, however the angels sing, the Christmas balls protects, both fights back and Nisse gets well once more and can continue to spread good…  however, the mink dies, because of people, however it becomes a white pigeon and goes to heaven. Come next year, peace will come… and by next Christmas we are all back to normal, until then can only sing….

ArtPop Galore 12/52 - Hit and Run

Released Monday 16th of November 2020

Love Roblox…. so this… the ArtPop Galore view 12/52 is a visit to the gaming world of Roblox. I’m in my own Obey, with my signature piano and get some great moves in. The song should have been called Yo yo yo… but it’s hit and run… Why watch Netflix every night, when you could go talk to real people? Amazing…

ArtPop Galore 11/52 - Hollywood

Released Monday 2nd of November 2020

His girlfriend left for Hollywood to give it a go, he stayed behind... She's not doing fine, he will go there too, go for the casting at bySaabye...

ArtPop Galore 10/52 - Awful Dreadful

Released Monday 2nd of November 2020

Ever tempted to experiment with eternal youth and do a pact with the devil? Him did without compromising, it was to good a golden opportunity, to refuse. What happens then when all the girl friends, mothers of your children dies of old age and you are still hanging on? A doll urges him to set himself free.
A mix between Ozzy Osbourne and R&B.

The rules are strict... 1 hour only to compose the song elements, 4 hours to complete and record it to master and a maximum of 8 hours for a full new video... from initial idea to upload.
Time flies when you are having fun, so it's about getting in on the act and write the best possible song you possible can or face the music. Initially scheduled for a full calendar year in support of his book 'the Art of Songwriting in the Streaming Age' thus 52 in releases in total, it is now taking a life of it's own and if this continues to excite attention and momentum, there could be no end.
as Saabye is saying... This is 'labour of love' at it's purest, I'm only doing my job.

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ArtPop Galore 9/52 - Brilliant

Released Monday 26th of October 2020

Another one for David Bowie, Stian here is big fan af a super city girl who checks into hotels for weekends of well deserved luxery, and someone who also stays home weekends chilling, so he does the same, yet his own life is not exactly the same, but all comes out good in the end for him…

ArtPop Galore 8/52 - Wild White Satin

Released Monday 19th of October 2020

Billy Idol had recently done some shows in Las Vegas and realised that the place is full of people getting married… Birdes everywhere 24/7… He now thinks he could make a mint with a song a bit like White Wedding so he calls bySaabye that speciales in comeback songs…

ArtPop Galore 7/52 - I Don't Wanna Die for You

Released Monday 12th of October 2020

a David Bowie type of song... Monday video release 7/52
The Ghost of Narcissus awakes by accident in 2019 as Stian in the setting Bacchus by Caravaggio

ArtPop Galore 6/52 - Between Plaka & Psirri 

Released Monday 5th of October 2020

Isn't she sweet?
...a not too distant memory of the vibrant city of Athens, Greece, the best of memories from a stay in the city, the beautiful nights, walking the streets between Plaka and Psirri, the friendly restaurants, the buzzing night life, the ever-present live music everywhere.

ArtPop Galore 5/52 - Who Are You?

Released Monday 28th of September 2020

bit Dua Lipa / Lady Gaga... This weeks Singles Club 5/52... him here is going through Hell, Inferno and Heaven to find her... cause he's knows she's out there... sweet...

ArtPop Galore 4/52 - Days of Thunder

Released Monday 21st of September 2020

David Bowie / Andy Warhol triologi 3/3 - Days Of Thunder.

ArtPop Galore 3/52 - the Miracle that is Love

Released Monday 14th of September 2020

Between David Bowie, Roxy Music and 70's French chic...
He’s dreaming of the Miracle that is called love…
drinking love elixir - l’elesir d’amore, drinking his sorrows, getting frustrated, angry, but then sees the holy grail and understands that love exists out there, once more ready to open his heart.

ArtPop Galore 2/52 - UnEasy in Love

Released Monday 7th of September 2020

An old Depeche Mode/David Bowie kind of song but sounds more like British bySaabye, first ballad in a long time, UnEasy in Love. Video with own Emojis, that was fun.

ArtPop Galore 1/52 - Dancing With Me

Released Monday 31th of August 2020

John, is massive David Bowie fan, and is named after the David Bowie 1972 Song from the Berlin years - John I’m only Dancing.